“Virginia Lloyd is the real deal. I found her advice clear, incisive and generous. It was obviously informed by deep understanding both of the writing journey, of its personal costs and rewards, and of the pragmatic realities of the publishing industry. I strongly recommend her services.” ~ Michael Richards

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Book coaching — three-months

You’ve been trying to write your book for a long time. You have an idea, a message, and an audience who needs to hear it. Unfortunately, life has a habit of getting in the way.  Between building your professional life, maintaining your relationships, being a carer—your dream of publishing a book still feels too far away. But you also know the credibility and authority that a book will bring you. How will you get it done?

It’s time to consider working with a mentor to finish your book proposal, so you can make progress towards your goal of being a traditionally published author. You need someone with publishing expertise, someone who’s actually written a book and understands the industry, to guide you from a hot mess of notes to a clear concept and solid chapter outline, so that you can complete your book proposal with confidence.

My 1:1 mentoring is best suited to nonfiction experts and professionals with a message and an unfinished manuscript. I focus on helping you develop your author platform—often overlooked in the draft proposals I see—because it’s critical to your success with literary agents and book publishers.  We agree specific goals and and work towards them together for a defined period of three months.

How mentoring with me works
My three-month mentoring package is designed to set you up for success by working together to develop your book from a great idea to a strong chapter outline and a compelling book proposal. 

We begin with three crucial pieces of work:

  1. I will ask you for a list of materials prior to our first meeting. These materials typically include your answers to the sorts of questions a literary agent or book publisher would have about your book idea or work-in-progress. Or it could simply be an existing draft book proposal, if you have one.
  2. A high-level written response to your existing materials with recommendations of the priority areas for development.
  3. Our first Zoom meeting to clarify your goals, answer your questions, and set milestones. 

Zoom meetings
We have two 50-minute Zoom meetings each 30-day period. During these sessions we will discuss your questions, my feedback on any work you’ve submitted, ideas arising from your research, creative challenges arising between sessions, and strategic issues related to your project.

I  see these calls as working sessions, which is why I like to use Google docs and work from a shared screen. That way you can literally see progress during and between our sessions.

Between meetings
I will  suggest specific tasks to complete between Zoom sessions, which will relate to the specific goals and milestones set in our first meeting.

I will provide editorial feedback on new material you write, which could be anything from a LinkedIn post or draft opinion piece to a new or revised section of your book proposal.

In between sessions you have unlimited access to me via email for the duration of our coaching relationship. 
Are you underway with a nonfiction book, but feel stuck or overwhelmed by the world of agents and publishing? Maybe it’s time to work with an experienced industry mentor for three months to develop your book proposal and author platform.
The outcome of our work together is that you will have: 
  • confidence in the commercial viability of your book idea, 
  • clarity about how your idea maps on to a chapter outline, 
  • an actionable plan of work towards your book proposal, 
  • a strong understanding of what you need to do in order to have a book proposal that will intrigue a literary agent or book publisher, 
  • editorial feedback from an experienced developmental editor and book developer, and 
  • the constructive support of an experienced publishing professional guiding you through the process. 
  1. Payment is monthly in advance, which means that if there is any delay or issue with payment I will proceed with my work once payment is successfully made. 
  2. A month is a rolling 30-day period from the purchase date of the package. For example if you purchase the package on January 15th, then you have until the end of the next calendar month from that date (in this example, February 14th) to have the two Zoom meetings for that respective month, unless by prior agreement.
  3. Purchasing this package does not and cannot guarantee that you will get a literary agent or book publisher for your work.
  4. There are no refunds.

This package includes

    • 2 x 50 min Zoom coaching sessions (two per rolling 30-day period, as per Note 2)
    • Audit and high-level written review of existing materials to identify areas for development
    • Editorial feedback on your writing created or revised during the mentorship
    • Comparison title and market research to strengthen your proposal
    • Unlimited email support for the duration of the package
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