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If you’re an expert in your field with a nonfiction book idea, a partial manuscript, and the dream of a literary agent and publishing deal, you’ve come to the right place.

I work with subject-matter experts aiming to submit their nonfiction book proposal to literary agents and land a traditional publishing deal.

As the traditionally published author of two nonfiction books, and as a former literary agent in my native Australia, I understand that it’s frustrating to be a professional in your field but not to understand how to get a book published.

My mission is to help you as an aspiring nonfiction author to get published by editing your book proposal, helping grow your author platform, and providing constructive feedback and strategic advice.

Here’s a partial list of traditionally published books I’ve helped bring into the world. Or check out what my clients say about working with me.

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I'm writing my book

You’ve been working on a project for some time and need some accountability and constructive feedback to help you get from where you are to a publishable manuscript or book proposal. I’ve helped dozens of writers get book deals. Let’s talk about how I can help you achieve your dream.

I'm trying to find a literary agent

Submitting your work to literary agents can be time-consuming and frustrating. Are you confident your materials are the best they can be? Are you targeting the right agents? Maximize your chances with professional query materials, targeted agent/publisher research, and regular access to me for all your publishing questions.

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How my story helps you to write yours

There are few things more satisfying than seeing your own book available when you walk into a bookstore, or reviewed in major publications. Having experienced that profound satisfaction, I want that for you too.

As the author of two traditionally published books, as a former literary agent, and as the secret sauce behind dozens of my clients becoming published authors themselves (fiction and nonfiction books alike), I’m living proof that the biggest hurdle you have in getting published is yourself.

I can say this because I knew, from the time I fell in love with words at six or seven, that I wanted to be a writer. I spent the next 25 years talking myself out of it before life slapped me in the face and forced me to be honest with myself.

When I was 32 I fell in love with John, a wonderful Londoner with a wicked sense of humor. Turned out he also had a rare and terminal illness. Reader, I married him anyway—and by 34 I was his widow.

Beaming at the launch for my GIRLS AT THE PIANO (Allen & Unwin) with my publisher Jane Palfreyman (R) and launcher Caroline Baum.

The young widow with her mother at the launch of her first book


Let me tell you, I know what being a zombie feels like. For the first year and a half I remained in my solid well-paid corporate job, surrounded by well-meaning old friends and supportive but bewildered family members, moving through my days like the walking dead: still breathing, but not alive in any true sense of the word. I knew what John wanted for me, and this wasn’t it.

So I quit my job and moved to New York—where I’d always wanted to live—and started writing what became my first book, about everything I just told you. Then I wrote a second one, which took longer than I ever imagined, but for the best possible reason. (My daughter is now nine.)

The writer clients who find the most value in working with me have been through a few of life’s hurdles themselves. They know the struggle, they’ve worked so hard to get where they are. They’ve experienced loss or hardship. And they’re still standing.

They also know what book they need to write. They just need a bit of guidance through the mysteries of the book publishing business to get where they need to go.

Consider me your book sherpa. Yes, I have two books and a PhD and more publishing experience than most people hanging out their shingle online. But frankly what excites me is the prospect of helping you achieve your publishing goals, because I know I can provide you with true value.

Check out what my clients are saying…

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