Literary agents receive hundreds of submissions every year. The goal of such submissions is to have the agent request your full manuscript or book proposal. Yet almost all submissions fail in this goal. That’s why I developed my services: to help serious writers become authors by improving their submissions materials.

My clients develop their work to the level that gets the attention of literary agents and book publishers. Read what my clients say about working with me.

“Over a couple of years, Virginia has given me immeasurable help with my writing and shepherded my book TRUGANINI to considerable publishing success.”

– Author | Truganini (Allen & Unwin 2020) | Non-Fiction

“Virginia has been an absolute joy to work with and she has delivered on her every promise. ”

– Author, The Dogs that Made Australia (HarperCollins 2018) | Non-Fiction

Guy Hull

“Virginia has edited all of my novels and most of my nonfiction since 1997. I love working with her and I recommend her without hesitation.”

– Author, Lola Bensky (2014) Winner, Prix Médicis Étranger 2014 | Fiction / Non-Fiction

Virginia not only made me a better writer but was the reason I was able to get my first book deal. I couldn’t recommend working with Virginia and her team enough, whether you’re looking to get an agent or pitch publishers!

– Author, YOUNG, LOST & LEADERLESS (Wilkinson Publishing 2021) | Memoir

Nick Bennett

We felt we could trust you to be honest with us. … You have been a great source of encouragement and support.”

– Co-authors, The Talking Cure (Pan Macmillan 2019) | Nonfiction
Prof. Gillian Straker & Dr. Jacqui Winship

Professor Gillian Straker & Dr. Jacqui Winship

“Virginia mentored me through writing the query letter and synopsis for my memoir. I had a draft of each to start with, but Virginia was able to push me to make them much much better. Because of her extensive experience in publishing, she knows exactly what is required in these documents. She also gave me invaluable advice in helping me resolve some structural issues in the work. This was my first memoir and so it was always going to be a challenge to place it, but it was finally accepted by Australian Scholarly Publishing, a result with which I’m very happy.”

– Author, Choosing To Live, Choosing To Die: A Memoir Of My Husband (Australian Scholarly Publishing 2021) | Memoir

“Virginia’s searching questions and frank feedback were just what I needed to tighten the book’s focus and cut out irrelevant material.”

– Co-author, A Good Life: The Story of Guy Winship and Good Return (Ginanderra Press 2018) | Non-Fiction

“Six months later, I read my work and I can’t believe it’s the same writer.”

– Writer | Fiction

Richard Hensley

“Virginia was instrumental in my negotiations with my American publisher on my first and second book deals. After receiving an initial offer, Virginia helped me understand the process….”

– Author, Modern Weaver and On the Loom: A Modern Weaver’s Guide (Abrams 2022, 2016)  | Non-Fiction

“Thank you for all of your wise and considered and kind advice.”

– Author, Paris Dreaming (HarperCollins 2017) | Memoir

“Thank you for the thoughtful and constructive criticism. It has been helpful and I am glad I chose to use your service….”

– Writer | Memoir

Laura Garber

“I can’t recommend Virginia enough to anyone looking to improve their work and in their efforts to be a published author.”

– Author, The Secret Son (Allen & Unwin 2015) and Little Gods (Allen & Unwin 2018)| Fiction

“Exactly what I needed to progress and to help me craft the best work possible for my story. All your suggestions are very constructive and give me a lot to work with. I also appreciated your appreciation of the things I did well.”

– Writer, about her Agent-Readiness report | Memoir

Cass D.

“I wanted someone who was a published writer, an experienced editor, who understood loss, and who would tell me the truth. I found all this in Virginia –and more. Virginia is intelligent, compassionate, and unflinching in her mission to help you find your story and the best way to tell it.”

— Writer, about mentoring with me | Memoir

Jane Cafarella

“Virginia’s detailed manuscript assessment gave me both the motivation and a framework to move forward in the final months of my writing.”

– Author and Television journalist, China Baby Love (ABC Books 2017) | Memoir

“Awesome feedback. Your suggestions really hit the mark on some of the challenges I have writing this story. Loved your feedback on the narrator, and you’re spot on about the voice…”

– Writer | Fiction

Joe Novella

“…She was a great editor and confidante as I worked through early drafts of Becoming Westerly. She knew how to both push and encourage….”

– Author, Becoming Westerly (Allen & Unwin, 2015) | Non-Fiction

“Virginia’s frank but gentle guidance was crucial in helping me to finish a manuscript that I could submit to publishers with confidence.”

– Author, Surrogate (Wakefield Press, 2017) | Fiction

“Virginia is an expert editorial ‘curator’ and a godsend for a first-time author.”

– Author, An Unusual Boy (Boldwood Books 2020), Wife on the Run, Fearless, The Mothers’ Group (Allen & Unwin 2018, 2016, 2013), Love in the Age of Drought (Pan McMillan Australia 2009)| Fiction / Non-Fiction

“… I find Virginia not only correctly identifies issues but also offers clear, concrete ideas on how to resolve them. That’s rare and valuable.”

– Author, Conviction (Allen & Unwin 2022)| Fiction

Frank Chalmers

“I am so grateful for Virginia’s knowledge and her mentoring around my whole writing project. She is just lovely to work with!”

– Clinical Psychologist, Author, The Woman Who Lost the Sun (Ocean Reeve Publishing 2020) | Non-Fiction

“Virginia’s editing was strong but necessary for publishers to appreciate how my manuscript could be turned into a published book.”

– Author, The Dental Diet (Hay House 2018) | Non-Fiction

“One of the most important hours I have ever spent talking about my writing.”

– Author, Have You Seen Simone? (Black Inc 2014), about her work in progress | Memoir

“Virginia gave me back my perspective. After losing the narrative in my ever growing memoir, she showed me how to dig down to find the stories that were hidden in my pages…”

– Writer | Memoir

Alex Smee

“Virginia’s editorial advice was priceless. She gave me an idea of how to shape the book and helped me solidify ideas to focus on for chapters…”

– Author, Game, Set, Cash! (Black Inc 2014) | Non-Fiction

Brad Hutchins

“Virginia’s editorial input, advice about submission materials and strategies for approaching publishers were wise, and ultimately effective. Thanks to Virginia, I have a publishing deal.”

– Author, My Giddy Aunt (Upswell Publishing 2022) | Non-Fiction

Sharon Connolly

“Working with Virginia has been an invaluable experience. Not only is she professional and efficient, but she has a way of immediately identifying what doesn’t work on the page and coming up with wonderful suggestions to make it work. If you want to work with someone who will tell you what you want to hear, Virginia isn’t for you. But if you want to work with someone who tells you what you need to hear, then working with Virginia will be the best decision you’ll ever make.”

– Writer | SF trilogy

Ingrid Du Vernet

“While I spent many years working on the art of writing, it wasn’t enough to take the step into publishing a full-length book. What I was lacking was the professional skills the publishing industry looks for. Virginia Lloyd’s advice was instrumental in finally securing a publishing contract for my first novel, T. Consulting with Virginia changed the way I talked to publishers and agents. More than that, Virginia was warm, generous, and insightful in all our dealings – professionalism is important, but so is empathy and humanity, qualities she possesses in great store. I unreservedly recommend Virginia’s services to any aspiring writer.”

– Author, ‘T’, (Transit Lounge 2022)

Alan Fyfe

“Virginia Lloyd brought unusual insight and highly developed assessment skills to my manuscript. Being an author herself and coming from the university of life, Virginia brings an extra dimension and expertise to her work. She gives extremely honest feedback and encouragement, while being respectful and sensitive. I am grateful for my good fortune.”

– Author, Under the Boab Tree (Ocean Reeve Publishing 2022) | Non-Fiction/Memoir

“Working with Virginia was rewarding beyond my expectations. She not only helped me through the challenging task of creating an effective synopsis, but offered valuable insight into what a literary agent will look for when deciding whether to take on a novel. She helped me to become a better writer, and I highly recommend her services to anyone endeavoring in this challenging field.”

– Writer | Fiction/Thriller

Richard Cibrano

“Virginia Lloyd is simply wonderful! She led me through the maze of what agents and publishers need from an author as opposed to what I believed they would like. Intelligent and well informed advice is not always easy to hear but is the basis for all successful proposals. I can recommend Virginia without hesitation to all who wish to see their projects proceed. She provides an excellent service which will serve you well.”

– Writer | Non-Fiction

Grant P. Cunningham

“Virginia knows the book publishing industry better than most. Her suggestions and guidance are spot on. Whatever happens to my beloved manuscript, Virginia’s help with the Query Letter and Synopsis means I gave it my best shot.”

-Writer | Fiction

Alison Sweeney

“Virginia’s help in getting my query materials up-to-scratch has been invaluable. She guided in ways to improve, and challenged me when necessary. A more coherent, attractive chapter outline, first chapter, and query letter has been the result! I thoroughly recommend Virginia’s services.”

– Writer | Non-Fiction

Scott Williams

“For me as an unpublished novel author, it was great to have Virginia’s professional support at my side. Her patient work on my letter, synopsis and book sample has given me the confidence I need to start the agent submission process. I look forward to working further with Virginia as a professional advisor on this – and, hopefully, other projects in the future.”

– Writer | Fiction

Peter Mills

“Virginia’s experience and knowledge of the publishing industry has been invaluable. Her editorial feedback set me on the right path with my manuscript and synopsis, giving me insight that can be applied to all my other work as well. She is both sensitive and ruthless (in the most helpful way), applying each exactly where it’s needed. Highly recommend.”

-Writer | Fiction

Karen Casey

“Virginia Lloyd put on her agent hat and worked with me through the eyes of an agent. It was exactly what I needed. I recognized her clear thinking as both my Query Letter and Synopsis took a new form, and made new sense. In addition to her practical guidance, she was quick, pleasant and reliable. I highly recommend her for her editorial thinking and also for pointing you to the right direction as she did me. All her questions and answers have professional value”

– Writer | Non-Fiction

Katherine MK Mitchell

“Virginia is not only extremely professional but her prices are reasonable and she did an outstanding job. First Virginia edited my query letter and synopsis incorporating my feedback. She then did thorough [agent] research. She presented these agents to me a spreadsheet accompanied by a video explaining the layout and how to use the information. It was extraordinary.”

– Writer | Fiction

Sheila Burch

“As a new writer, Virginia was able to help me find greater traction in getting my work on the desks of agents for their consideration. Virginia’s feedback was deeply considered and has helped me to better understand myself as a writer and too, the world of publishing.”

-Writer | Fiction

Alice Cook

I have engaged Lloyd Literary Services many times over the last few years. Virginia’s precision and candour is incredibly helpful during the development of a manuscript. Her insights and comments are razor sharp, and Virginia’s level of care to clients is wonderful. I do believe Virginia’s help with my work-in-progress helped me sign an agent in Australia. I would happily use Virginia’s services moving forward with future crime novels. I recently said in an email, ‘it’s always good to have some feedback from someone you trust before the novel ventures too far out into the world.

-Author, Four Dogs Missing (Echo Publishing 2023)| Fiction

“I thought that I had finished my manuscript, but that was before I asked Virginia to look at my query letter. On the strength of her editing the letter alone, I am requesting Virginia to review the first three chapters even though I have already had professional eyes review it. Virginia has assisted me to craft an excellent letter and I am excited to see how she can assist me to perfect my manuscript and synopsis.”

– Writer | Fiction

Kristina H

“I was drawn to Virginia’s professional experience—a traditionally published author herself (twice) with a stellar list of clients—however, it is the manner and method of drawing out the best in her writers that Virginia truly shines. A commitment to setting up a workable system that delivers; a framework to maintain momentum, sage advice, considered feedback, all in a wonderfully calming way. I cannot recommend working with Virginia highly enough.”

– Writer | nonfiction (forthcoming)

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