“Querying is a daunting process and finding the right editor to work with is critical. She definitely knows what agents are looking for and her input was extremely helpful. Stop your search here”

~ Savy G.

“I’d read in multiple online sources about how to write an effective query letter and synopsis, but not until I spoke with Virginia and read over her written feedback did it click for me.” 

~Angie Z.

“I highly recommend Virginia’s guidance. Her direct, tailored advice is precisely what is needed for writers who are having to develop a completely different skill set to try and sell their work.” 

Melissa Goode (debut novel forthcoming from Ultimo Press, 2024)

“Thanks to Virginia, I have a publishing deal!”

~ Sharon Connolly, My Giddy Aunt (Upswell Publishing, 2022)

“I do believe Virginia’s help with my work-in-progress helped me sign an agent in Australia.” 

~ Rhys Gard, Four Dogs Missing (Echo Publishing, 2023) 

Query Letter Video Review

Sharpen your literary agent query before you submit it!

Description: High-level constructive feedback in response to your literary agent query letter, delivered in a confidential video.

Who is this for: Aspiring authors ready to query literary agents, who want to feel more confident in their query letter (and to address any areas for improvement), before they use it in agent submissions.

How it works:

  1. You send your draft query letter (ideally one page but max. 600 words) to hello at lloydliterary.com.
  2. I read and review your query in real-time on a confidential video.
  3. I send you the link to the video, which you can use to revise or refine in response to my editorial suggestions.


  • You will have more confidence in the readiness of your query letter before sending out to literary agents
  • You will know if there is any information missing from your query letter that an agent would expect to see
  • You will be better informed about the sorts of questions and concerns that go through an agent’s mind as he or she reads your query letter—and how revisions can address them in advance
  • If you decide to make revisions following my video review, you will understand why those changes will strengthen your query letter
  • The query letter you ultimately send out will be stronger and thereby move you closer to your goal of landing a literary agent and getting a book deal.
Query letter video review

Hello, I'm Virginia Lloyd. I work with aspiring authors aiming to find a literary agent and book deal by improving their submissions materials and developing their author platform. Originally from Australia, I earned a PhD in Literature at the University of Sydney and worked as the Picador editor at Pan Macmillan. I started to agent books there but after I was widowed, I moved to the US to start a new life. In New York I wrote my two traditionally published books.

What's unusual about me is that I've been an author, I've been an agent, and I've worked as a developmental editor for the major publishing houses—which means that you benefit from advice that understands the challenges of writing as well as the commercial risks and realities that face publishing decision-makers.

I decided to create this real-time video review as a quick and effective way for you to see how publishing gatekeepers think when reading query letters, what they notice or worry about, and to provide you with the opportunity to make any changes before submitting yours.

As always I'm pleased to answer any questions, so don't hesitate to contact me. I hope to learn more about your work soon.


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