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As the traditionally published author of two nonfiction books, and as a former literary agent in my native Australia, I understand that it’s frustrating to be a professional in your field but not to understand how to get a book published.

My mission is to help you as an aspiring nonfiction author to get published by editing your book proposal, helping grow your author platform, and providing constructive feedback and strategic advice.

Here’s a partial list of traditionally published books I’ve helped bring into the world. Or check out what my clients say about working with me.

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“Over a couple of years, Virginia has given me immeasurable help with my writing and shepherded my book TRUGANINI to considerable publishing success.”

-Author | Truganini (Allen & Unwin 2020) | Non-Fiction

Cassandra Pybus

“Virginia has been an absolute joy to work with and she has delivered on her every promise. ”

– Author, The Dogs that Made Australia and  The Ferals that Ate Australia (both HarperCollins) | Non-Fiction

Guy Hull

“Virginia has edited all of my novels and most of my nonfiction since 1997. I love working with her and I recommend her without hesitation.”

– Author, Lola Bensky (2014) Winner, Prix Médicis Étranger 2014 | Fiction / Non-Fiction

Lily Brett

Virginia not only made me a better writer but was the reason I was able to get my first book deal. I couldn’t recommend working with Virginia and her team enough, whether you’re looking to get an agent or pitch publishers!

– Author, YOUNG, LOST & LEADERLESS (Wilkinson Publishing 2021) | Memoir

Nick Bennett

We felt we could trust you to be honest with us. … You have been a great source of encouragement and support.”

–Co-authors, The Talking Cure (Pan Macmillan 2019) | Nonfiction
Prof. Gillian Straker & Dr. Jacqui Winship

Professor Gillian Straker & Dr. Jacqui Winship

Anna Bligh Through The Wall

Anna Bligh- Through The Wall

Anna and I worked closely for several months during the drafting and editing of her story of female resilience and leadership.

Tim Elliott Farewell to the Father

Tim Elliott- Farewell to the Father

I helped Tim turn an explosive feature article in the Sydney Morning Herald into a fleshed-out chapter outline for this book, which sold at auction before it was completed.

David Kowalski The Company of the Dead

David Kowalski- The Company of the Dead

The first book I agented, a phenomenal work of alternate history that went on to win two Aurealis Awards. It was published in Australia and the USA.

Katrina Lawrence Paris Dreaming

Katrina Lawrence- Paris Dreaming

Katrina’s publisher HarperCollins Australia asked me for a structural report to help the author refine and develop the manuscript from final draft through to the version sent for copy editing and, finally, to the printer.

Anna Bligh Through The Wall

Virginia Lloyd – Girls at the Piano

Girls at the Piano is a tour through the changing relationship between women and the piano over the course of the instrument’s history, as seen through the lives of the author and her grandmother, worlds and generations apart.

Jenny Ackland The Secret Son

Jenny Ackland- The Secret Son

I was delighted to discover Jenny, and then find her a publisher for this warm, haunting novel set in Melbourne and a small mountain village in Turkey.

Katrina Lawrence Paris Dreaming

Maryanne Moodie- On the Loom: A Modern Weaver’s Guide

Maryanne has a large following on Instagram and Etsy for her beautiful modern works of woven art. I was delighted to advise Maryanne on her agreement with a big US publisher.

Kellie Arrowsmith Skimpy

Kellie Arrowsmith- Skimpy

Kellie and I worked on the structure and a few sample chapters before I pitched and sold her memoir to Hachette Australia.

Guy Hull The Dogs that Made Australia

Guy Hull- The Dogs that Made Australia

Dog behaviourist Guy Hull contacted me after stumbling upon my website, to see if I thought his book idea about the socio-economic history of dogs in Australia had any ‘legs’. After working together on a chapter outline and proposal, HarperCollins acquired the book, which became a bestseller in Australia.

Katrina Lawrence Paris Dreaming

Fiona Higgins- The Mothers’ Group

Fiona was a nonfiction client when she sent me the draft of a novel she’d written. My job was to help Fiona maximise its appeal to prospective publishers through editorial feedback. The Mothers’ Group went to auction and was a bestseller in Australia and Europe.

Katrina Lawrence Paris Dreaming

Virginia Lloyd – The Young Widow’s Book of Home Improvement

After her beloved husband’s death from cancer after 11 months of marriage, the young widow addresses the chronic rising damp problem in the house they had shared. The book traces the parallels between the house and the young widow having to ‘dry’ from the inside out.

Dr Cassandra Pybus Truganini: Journey Through the Apocalypse

Dr Cassandra Pybus- Truganini: Journey Through the Apocalypse

I helped esteemed historian Cassandra Pybus find a publisher for this important book, which required knowledge of which publishers would be most receptive to the work.

Structural edit for the publisher, Allen & Unwin

Kylie Ladd- The Way Back

Structural edit for the publisher, Allen & Unwin

Fiona Higgins Wife on the Run

Fiona Higgins- Wife on the Run

I was Fiona’s agent for her follow-up to the bestselling The Mothers’ Group.

Dr Cassandra Pybus Truganini: Journey Through the Apocalypse

Tracy Crisp- Surrogate

I edited three drafts of this novel as the author developed it.

Katrina Lawrence Paris Dreaming

Virginia Peters- Have You Seen Simone

Exploratory discussion of the ideas and motivation for the author’s new project

Jane Hutcheon China Baby Love

Jane Hutcheon- China Baby Love

I provided a detailed report on a draft of the manuscript.

Sally Cooper Between a Burqua and a Hard Place

Sally Cooper- Between a Burqua and a Hard Place

I helped the author shape a publishable book-length work from a diary she kept of her not-for-profit work in Afghanistan.

Maryanne Moodie Weave The Rainbow- Forthcoming

Maryanne Moodie- Modern Weaver: Where Color Meets Loom

Reviewing and advising on aspects of the author’s offer from her publisher, Norton

Jane Hutcheon China Baby Love

Sally Rynveld & Guy Winship- A Good Life: The Story of Guy Winship and Good Return

Initial manuscript assessment led to a detailed structural report — and ultimately a publishing contract.

Sally Cooper Between a Burqua and a Hard Place

Leon Silver- The Miracle Typist

Structural edit for the publisher, Simon & Schuster

Maryanne Moodie Weave The Rainbow- Forthcoming

Lauren Chater- Gullivers Wife

Structural edit on the bestselling debut author’s second novel for the publisher, Simon & Schuster

Jane Hutcheon China Baby Love

Adrian Tame- The Awful Truth

Structural edit for the publisher, Simon & Schuster

Dr Steven Lin The Dental Diet

Dr Steven Lin- The Dental Diet

I helped Steven clarify his pitch & chapter outline, edit sample chapters, finalize a book proposal and attract a US agent — resulting in a book deal with Hay House.

Jamie Brisick Becoming Westerly

Jamie Brisick- Becoming Westerly

I provided encouragement and some editorial notes, and found Jamie an Australian publisher for this spectacular book about transgender surfer Westerly Windina.

Brad Hutchins Game, Set, Cash!

Brad Hutchins- Game, Set, Cash!

Brad came to me with a great idea and a rough ms. With some editorial tough love I got him a book deal on a partial manuscript.

Brooke Hemphill Lesbian For A Year

Brooke Hemphill- Lesbian For A Year

After working with the author on story structure and a chapter outline, I was able to find her a publisher based on a partial manuscript.

Lily Brett on tour in Australia to promote Lola Bensky

Lily Brett- on tour in Australia to promote Lola Bensky

I was proud to edit this wonderful novel, Lily’s sixth, which won the prestigious Prix Médicis Étranger.

Lily Brett In Full View

Lily Brett- In Full View

The first book of Lily’s I edited, a collection of personal essays.

Ashley Hay A Hundred Small Lessons

Ashley Hay- A Hundred Small Lessons

I edited this folllow-up novel to Ashley’s international bestseller The Railwayman’s Wife for Allen & Unwin

Dore Ashton David Rankin: The New York Years

Dore Ashton- David Rankin: The New York Years

I interviewed the artist to create a first-person introductory essay to this volume, published by Macmillan, which also featured art historian Dore Ashton’s reviews of his work, which I edited.

Professor Gillian Straker and Dr Jacqui Winship The Talking Cure

Professor Gillian Straker and Dr. Jacqui Winship- The Talking Cure

The authors approached me for constructive feedback on their manuscript. We worked together to turn it from an academic tome into a commercial work now published in Australia, South Africa and the USA.

Laura Garber- In Progress

Laura Garber- In Progress

Structural report and developmental editing on my client’s memoir-in-progress

Fleur McDonald The Missing Pieces of Us

Fleur McDonald- The Missing Pieces of Us

I worked with one of Australia’s leading rural novelists on this novel about mothers, daughters, and the secrets we keep.

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