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There are few things more satisfying than seeing your book published at last. Holding a hard copy in your hands, seeing it on the shelf of a bookshop, or listed with a thumbnail cover image at an online store – there’s no taking away the enormous achievement of creating, revising, and finishing your own book.

Almost as thrilling is seeing my clients’ books published. I’m so happy to see these three new books out in the world in 2017 because I know how hard each author worked to get to this point, and in different ways, I helped each writer get there. In the case of Ashley Hay’s A Hundred Small Lessons, I copy-edited and trimmed the manuscript; for Fleur McDonald (pictured on the right with her novel The Missing Pieces of Us), I worked closely with her on structural and line editing; and for ABC television journalist Jane Hutcheon (bottom left, with her new book China Baby Love), I provided a manuscript assessment on an early draft of her manuscript that helped her develop the work before submitting a final draft to her publisher.


And while each of these writers is experienced, the same principles apply when I’m working with writers who are yet to land their first publishing contract. The same sorts of questions arise in drafts by inexperienced and professional writers alike.

While I do a lot of editing for publishers, I’m also a published author. And because of that, I know what it’s like to struggle to write a book. The editing process is both necessary and fraught, dredging up all sorts of questions – ones that you thought you’d already answered, and ones that you hadn’t even thought of.


See these testimonials for more information about what writers like about working with me. Or if you’ve already submitted a manuscript to an agent or publisher and are not getting anywhere, consider my Bestseller service.

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