A welcome 2014

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Blog, Publishing | 2 comments

I just wanted to say hello 2014 and confirm that I’m back on deck, at my desk.

After visiting family in Sydney I returned to a chilly NYC and my usual mix of corporate and creative client work. This month I attended a Digital Book World conference workshop on ebook publishing for nontraditional publishers, in order to better advise companies on best practice use of ebooks for marketing and branding activities; and worked with a client on editorial revisions to her wonderful novel. In between that it’s contracts, pending queries, and — ahem — carving out time to come back to my own work in progress.

In 2014 I am looking forward to:

  • The following books by my clients being published:

Game, Set, Cash! by Brad Hutchins (Black Inc)

The new novel from Fiona Higgins, author of The Mothers’ Group (Allen & Unwin), title to be revealed later

Lesbian For A Year by Brooke Hemphill (Affirm Press)

… and potentially two others, which for reasons beyond their authors’ control might slip into 2015.

  • Finding publishers for other client manuscripts, currently in various stages of development
  • One or two collaborative writing projects, about which I must remain tight-lipped.

So don’t be shy: tell me in the comments what you want to know about attracting an agent, grants for writers, and getting published in Australia, so I can respond in posts here. As part of getting spoiled on my birthday, I received a spiffy new office chair, so I am disinclined to leave it.

Check out what my clients are saying…

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