Popular links for June: the agent-author relationship, Granta’s online submissions, and the anatomy of book discovery

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I thought I’d been a bit quiet in the Twitterverse during June, but my monthly list of my most popular Tweets seems to tell a different story. I hope there’s something helpful here for you:

None of that 4-hr work week hokum: Penelope Trunk’s time management tips for folks who have a real life. Though I don’t always agree with Penelope’s conclusions, I love her blog for the way she skewers received wisdom.

It’s a business partnership, not a marriage: About the agent-author relationship.

Alert for ambitious writers: Granta is now accepting online submissions.

Anatomy of Book Discovery: Fascinating case study of how word of mouth, PR & ads can work together to sell a book.

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner’s succinct explanation of why some self-published authors seek agents.

This list of pay rates for emerging Australian writers is a useful if sobering resource.

If you’re a Queensland fiction writer aged 18-25, don’t forget to submit a short story to State Library Qld Young Writers Award by 13 July. There’s a $2,000 prize!

Last, but not least: the most retweets I had all month were in an unsuccessful effort to find an answer to myquestion:

Somebody please explain how an unrepresented author imagined I’d welcome 10,500 words of his novel posted as a comment to my website.

Aspiring authors: For the love of all that is sacred, please read my straightforward submissions guidelines before deciding whether or not to approach me.

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