Fiona Higgins’ The Mothers’ Group is almost here!

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Fiona Higgins’ first novel released in March 2012

I am delighted that my client Fiona Higgins’ debut novel, The Mothers’ Group, will be released in just a few weeks. Allen & Unwin are publishing the book in Australia, where it’s already getting a lot of buzz from booksellers. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes with this wonderful book that I can’t reveal quite yet, but I will happily blow Fiona’s trumpet when all becomes official.

On Fiona’s website you can read in more detail about the six intriguing new mothers whose lives she explores with humour, insight and drama in the novel. Allen & Unwin’s author page for Fiona summarizes the story like this:

An unthinkably shocking event sends shockwaves through a tight-knit mother’s group, testing their bonds and revealing closely-held secrets that threaten to shatter their lives in an explosive, enthralling debut novel about motherhood, friendship and love.

This book is going to get a lot of media attention because it confronts a lot of things about new-motherhood that Fiona believes are kept secret or even taboo. Even better, it’s a great story, well told – which is every reader’s (and agent’s) dream.

The Mothers’ Group is the second book I’ve worked on with Fiona. Her first was the memoir, Love in the Age of Drought, which was published in 2009.

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