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I take off my proverbial chapeau to writers who blog frequently. After spending six days editing a client’s novel, my desk is piled with books, papers, unpaid bills, notes-to-self, undone to-do lists and rough drafts of my own work-in-progress. Despite or perhaps because of it, I discovered these gems:

  • Sue William Silverman’s letter to the editor of Writer’s Chronicle responding to Aleksandar Hemon’s slandering of the memoir genre in its March-April 2011 issue, which she expands on in Dinty Moore’s terrific nonfiction blog Brevity
  • Film critic Roger Ebert’s recollections of Martin Scorsese, including the enduring influence on the director of his mother Catherine, excerpted from Ebert’s new memoir Life Itself
  • Geoff Dyer, a writer who defies you to categorize him, talking to The Millions about the 17-year gap between UK and US publication of his book The Missing of the Somme, just out now in paperback; photography, memory, the London riots, ruins, and the challenges of writing his new column for the New York Times:

 For a while I did a weekly column for The Guardian, and the awful thing about a weekly column is that it seems to come around daily. This will be a monthly column, which for me is already starting to feel like it’s coming around weekly.


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