Procrastination and pavlova

by | Mar 17, 2011 | Blog, Memoir | 0 comments

While scouring the “interweb” for suitable snippets for my next Brisbane Courier Mail books column, I stumbled across this recipe for pavlova on the Book, Line & Sinker book-review site. I didn’t expect to see an antipoedean classic on a New Jersey-based blog (I would have claimed it as an Australian dessert, but the Oxford English Dictionary recently ended the pavlova war late last year). The recipe’s source, Table of Contents, is a new cookbook offering recipes from 50 writers, who describe the connection between their recipes and their work. Natalie, who reviewed the book and road-tested the recipe, described her pavlova as “ethereal”. After four weeks visiting friends and family in Sydney, during which I have hardly stopped eating but have not cooked a single meal, I am desperate to impress the Boy with a pavlova when I return to New York next week.

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