Unwired and unimpressed in Sydney

by | Mar 19, 2009 | Blog, Memoir | 0 comments

Being in-between homes at the moment, one thing I am particularly missing is my broadband internet connection. My laptop has become a pretty prison for all the information it contains, while I must use my hosts’ computer to access webmail using their connection. I could happily live without many of the emails and other notifications I receive, but online is where and how I do my work, so being connected is essential.

How much more global Sydney would be as a city if it had free wireless internet access in its central business district. If I can go into any cafe in my Brooklyn neighbourhood and instantly connect to the internet, but here I need to search Google just to find an out-of-date list of Sydney cafes with wireless access (for which I must pay, by the way), then this city is kidding itself about its sophistication.

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