Apples and oranges … or bridges?

by | Oct 23, 2007 | Blog, Memoir | 1 comment

An astute regular reader has suggested that given my recent change of address I might need to alter the title of this blog. Certainly “Apple Girl” presents two disadvantages: not only does Sydney have no symbolic relationship to the fruit, but I have discovered from analysing the search terms people use to visit my site that they sometimes expect to see a whole lot more in the way of, ahem, visual stimulation. Who knows what these other apple girls are up to, I haven’t felt compelled to seek them out.  

So as I shift my focus from experiential anecdotes of a newbie’s life in New York to … well, to whatever’s next, I could well take up Rick’s suggestion of a title focused on bridges. After all, that is one thing Sydney and New York have in common. Or maybe this blog will morph into a website focused on my book and my consulting work, of which the blog would be part, but not the sole focus. Any suggestions, comments?

But for the immediate future – the next few weeks, anyway – Apple Girl will remain in virtual place.

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