Don’t look down

by | Jul 14, 2007 | Blog, Memoir | 0 comments

I forgot to mention that as of the end of June I’m no longer commuting to the Upper West Side to work with Simi Linton. With my NYU course and my plans to return to Australia, it made sense for me to hand over to “the next administration”, as she and I liked to dub the successful applicant for the role (who turned out to be a rather charming young … vegan). Simi remains a client for fundraising/grantwriting purposes, and my friend. Through her I’m grateful to have met many interesting people working in theatre, shared plenty of laughs, and gained a working knowledge of the arts funding environment in New York.

So in my last week at the “office” I couldn’t resist taking a few happy snaps from Simi’s high-rise balcony. Peering straight down to street level, I was delighted that a classic yellow taxi arrived in my viewfinder just at the right moment.

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