A stroll through Central Park

by | Jul 7, 2007 | Blog, Memoir | 0 comments

With the summer well and truly upon us, I have lately spent a little bit of time in Central Park. The other day I settled on a bench by the Reservoir and read The Glass Castle (a wonderful memoir that is a lesson in storytelling, even if its author, Jeannette Walls, had rich material to plumb). Yesterday after tennis Lara and I headed around the Reservoir again, this time en route to the Central Park Boathouse where we enjoyed some post-game refreshments. In between snippets of our own conversation we eavesdropped on those of others, which were a mixture of local women with car-honking voices recounting boy trouble, and tourists from all over the globe swapping stories.

As you can see from the photos, Friday was a spectacular day. L-R: Lara by the Reservoir; the view from Belvedere Castle; model sail boats afloat on the Conservatory Water, best known for the statue of Alice in Wonderland at its northern end (below). (NB all photos are mine except for Alice, courtesy of my friend John Moore’s www.centralpark.com website.)

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