Girls on film

by | Jun 10, 2007 | Blog, Memoir | 0 comments

Thursday was an unusual but very interesting professional experience for me, when I was a film production assistant for the day. The film in question is a documentary by my client Simi Linton about war and disability, which is in the very early stages of its pre-production. Through her extensive network of contacts we had secured an appropriate room and two cameramen to shoot a few brief scenes in which Simi addresses the camera with a script that I had helped write. These will form part of a “trailer” that yours truly will use to help attract funding for the project.

“A few brief scenes” took almost ten hours due to things like the time it takes to set up the lights, the cameras, to rehearse, and to wait patiently while the construction noise from the roof of the building next door abates. It was fun to be away from a computer screen for a day and to be the “gofer” who organised coffees, lunch, and provided powder touch-ups to Simi’s face as required.

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