It’s SO good to speak Astraayan now and then

by | May 7, 2007 | Blog, Memoir | 0 comments

Today at lunch I enjoyed a salmon sandwich and a broad Australian accent, both courtesy of my entrepeneur friend and colleague Rob Depinto of volunteerxchange.com and liquidwit.com. Longtime readers of this journal might recall a humorous episode I related here about representing volunteerXchange at an awards ceremony last year at the Harvard Club in my official capacity as New York-based Business Development Manager for VolunteerXChange. Love it! I lugged the glass “brick” award I received that day to lunch so I could hand it over to its rightful owner, who is here searching out business opportunities and a host for his likely move to NYC in the next few months.

Just to show you my day wasn’t all lunching with friends, I also fit in an hour of tennis this morning with Ruth, another expat Australian and website designer. (Not every day is like this!) Ruth, who has been in New York for 30 years, still misses the weather and the outdoors lifestyle we take for granted.

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