The DJ remix of my review

by | May 6, 2007 | Blog, Memoir | 0 comments

I was delighted, surprised, and a little embarrassed to receive this gracious and articulate response from DJ Spooky himself to my post yesterday about his Rebirth of a Nation project:

“Actually it wasn’t really meant to ‘subvert’ the film, it’s a remix after all – just show some of the resonances with the way things are these days. The voting scenes in the film could easily have been 2000 or 2004’s elections, and the editing techniques of using the Pioneer DVJ’s that let you play the film like a record are meant for a live situation.”

I am glad to stand newly informed on the technical context of the live performance. He also wrote that the edited version of the remixed film will be released “in a bit” – and that will be well worth seeing or buying.

This incident has demonstrated to me both the obligations of the blogger and the transparency of the blogosphere.

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