Two degrees of separation

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Stirring my spaghetti the other night, one ear on a PBS documentary about elephants (a favourite animal), for a moment I thought I recognised the narrator. The Rolodex in my brain started spinning as I tried to connect the woman’s mellifluous voice to my recent experience. Where had I heard that voice before?

The spaghetti was cooked and eaten by the time I had figured out the connection. Despite the fact I’ve never met the woman, she and I turn out to be only two degrees of separation apart. The voice belongs to the eminent stage and screen actor Kathleen Chalfant (above), whom I saw recently in “Spalding Gray: Secrets Left to Tell” at the Minetta Lane Theatre. (Previous post here.)

My client Simi had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen Chalfant over dinner a few weeks ago after seeing her in the same play, organised by a mutual friend of theirs in the theatre world. Since then Simi has been receiving occasional emails from someone identified only as “Lovekathy”, and it took her a while to figure out to whom the email address belonged.

So it was with great delight that, when I finally identified the narrator, I was able to chuckle to myself, “Ah! It’s Lovekathy!” as if she were an old friend. At times like this I feel like Forrest Gump.

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