Anti-war Apple in the Apple

by | Mar 19, 2007 | Blog, Memoir | 0 comments

On Sunday afternoon I joined Simi, a few of her friends and a camera crew – well, her mate Christian and his colleague – to film her protesting the war in Iraq on its ignominious fourth anniversary, as part of the process of creating footage for use in the theatre piece and/or subsequent documentary based on her memoir. The march began at 40th St and 6th Avenue, where I took a few photos. If you click on the crowd shot above and squint, you might recognise a famous actor well known for his political views. (Hint: he’s married to Susan Sarandon.)

I felt a bit ridiculous amid the shouts for Dubbya’s impeachment – as if that will happen – but it seems a very long time to wait until “the Merkin people” vote this circus out of town. Especially for those people who will die in Iraq between now and then. Only 1000 people turned up to march. It all came to a whimpering finish at the United Nations Plaza, or at least as close as we were allowed to it. I had hoped for a protest experience of some vigour and energy, but it was all way too genteel.

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