The world according to Spalding Gray

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While waiting for a match (see post below), I decided to treat myself to a night at the theatre. The work of writer and actor Spalding Gray, best known for his dramatic monologues, has been woven into a show called Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell at the Minetta Lane Theatre in Greenwhich Village.

I bought a discount ticket through one of the electronic newsletter services, and stopped by at Otto Restaurant where my friend John was tending bar – with just enough time to down a couple of side dishes of vegetables with a glass of red, at mates’ rates before scooting a few blocks further south to the theatre.

A discount ticket often translates to a shoddy seat right up at the front and on the side, but on this occasion it was such a pleasure to watch seasoned theatre performers delight in the world created by Gray’s words that I didn’t mind. It’s a bit sad going by myself, though.

Here is a great resource on the man’s life and work from National Public Radio, the nearest thing to the ABC in the USA.

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