What not to eat … or drink

by | Feb 8, 2007 | Blog, Memoir | 1 comment

What I sight I beheld in the Chinese take-away on the corner last night. Waiting for my order of the House Special soup for an economical $4.50, a black man who was rather large around the middle entered the store. He carried a plastic container of milk and a small box of sugar. After ordering a serving of fried chicken, he popped off the plastic top of the milk carton and took a slug.

But that wasn’t enough. Next he pushed open the cardbox box of sugar and proceeded to pour its entire contents directly into the milk container. He replaced the plastic top and shook the carton for all it was worth, distributing the sugar throughout. And yes, he drank the lot.

I can’t believe the sugar industry needs any subsidies at all after the support it receives through the eating habits of many in this country.

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