A clarification re Copha

by | Feb 3, 2007 | Blog, Memoir | 0 comments

One regular reader asked me to clarify how copha was procured in New York in order to make chocolate crackles for my Australia Day birthday party.

I confess that it was my friend Kate who successfully ordered the contraband online at Simply Australian. Go to the site and you’ll be mightily relieved, as I was, to learn that “Arnotts biscuits arrived” and “Next Vegemite shipment due second week February!!”. Don’t forget to check out the sale items. You can get everything in America, it seems, including stale bikkies.

The best part was unwrapping the familiar waxed paper covering and reading the nutritional information printed on its side. Next to the word “fat” were the words “100%”. No mucking around – if you’re going go the way of all fat, then this is the product for you: copha really is ALL fat.

The chocolate crackles tasted fantastic, of course, and there were very few left over from the 48 we had chilled on Kate and Phillip’s deck in the below-zero temperatures. Go Copha!

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