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I should be careful what I purchase – as soon as I reported buying a pair of waterproof boots, it decided to snow. I was working away diligently, nose down into the laptop, high up on the 17th floor, and looked out the windows to see bona fide snow flakes angling towards the ground. A light dusting of snow, just to get me in the New York wintry mood.

Later, when I left the office, I was surprised at how relatively warm the temperature felt. Apparently the conditions have to be just right for the snow to arrive. It continued to snow lightly for a couple of hours. This morning, when I left my apartment for the usual Friday errands, I was delighted to find snow still on the ground. For an Australian, experiencing four distinct seasons is such a treat.

Above are photos of the view from the home office where I work, taken the day before it snowed. Those who have been following this blog since my arrival in New York last March might recognise the view – it’s very similar to that from the apartment I first lived in, on 72nd Street and Riverside Drive. My employer is further uptown, on 86th and Riverside, looking out over Riverside Park and the Hudson River, and across to the Jersey shore. She even has a balcony (far right), where during summer we occasionally enjoyed lunch. When it snows heavily, I’ve been told, one cannot even see to the other side of the river.

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