My radio interview on ABC Conversations

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[Image: ABC Radio – Conversations]

I was thrilled to talk to the lovely and charming Sarah Kanowski today on radio for ABC Conversations, one of the national broadcaster’s most-downloaded podcasts. The interview was a sheer delight, made particularly enjoyable for me knowing that Sarah genuinely enjoyed my book, Girls at the Piano.

Here’s the interview in full.

Radio sells books in a way that other media does not. For book publishers, getting an author on Conversations is something of a holy grail because of the large audience of a demographic that includes many potential book buyers. Publicists pitch the show’s producers all the time, so to be selected is extraordinary. I won’t repeat verbatim what I said to my publicist when she shared the good news with me, other than that it was a more salty version of ‘Are you kidding?’

For those interested in the process, interviewees must attend the ABC Brisbane studio in person, where Sarah is based, which meant a very early morning for me. Several days ahead of the interview, the producer calls for a pre-interview, running through the rough outline and conversation topics that the presenter is thinking of covering on the day. And they like to take a head and shoulders photo of each interviewee before the show.


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