My most-reTweeted resources for writers: January-March 2013

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I’m often told that I share useful things on Twitter, but for a variety of reasons, loads of people don’t go near that social network with a ten-foot pole. So for those readers I thought I’d offer here this collection of the most-often shared links I’ve posted to Twitter since January. (I’ve been reading Dan Blank’s excellent ebook A Writer’s Guide to Blogging and am attempting to get more organised with my posts.)

If you like this kind of roundup, please let me know in the comments (or via Twitter, of course), and I’ll do this once a month.

  • Of these ten tips for editing your work, in my opinion it’s 7 (let a trusted third party review your work), 8 (implement the correct feedback) and 9 (cut the dead wood) that sort the wheat from the chaff.
  • A fascinating profile of the remarkable Sydney literary agent Selwa Anthony, which ran in the Sydney Morning Herald in November but I only came across recently.
  • A fantastically useful collection of links on getting published, courtesy of Ploughshares magazine.
  • The Art of Editing: insightful and revealing interview with legendary editor Robert Gottlieb at The Paris Review.
  • A list of 17 essays by female writers that “everyone should read” (in quotation marks because I hate being told what to read, which is why I’ve never been a member of a book club) – thanks to Flavorwire.
  • John Updike’s rules for constructive criticism
  • A revealing interview with novelist Jamaica Kincaid, who proclaims that marriage should be a verb instead of a noun: “A person is a verb is what I say.”
  • Writing tips from W G Sebald, via his former student, Faber Academy director Richard Skinner.
  • Looking for grants for writers? Here’s the Australia Council’s grants finder to help you identify the right pot of funding for you.
  • Video: Helen Garner’s insights into her nonfiction writing process – her keynote address at the 2012 NonfictioNow conference


I hope you found a few of these useful. Do let me know, and I’ll keep going until you ask me politely to stop. Thanks!

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