Mike Nock Trio Plus: music to ease anyone’s pain

by | Jan 3, 2012 | Blog, Pianos and pianists on the stage and the page | 0 comments

I must be missing New York’s cold January weather. How else to explain the two ice packs I’ve clutched to either end of me this past week in a hot and humid Australian climate? Visiting a dear friend in Brisbane, I fell over my own foot while hanging out some washing. The resulting bruise looked like something that might have inspired Picasso’s blue period. And today my head literally collided with a door while N. and I tried to coax a huge spider out of another friend’s ground-floor apartment. These two injuries round out a trio that started a few short weeks ago with my first lower-back injury – the ironic result, according to my dad’s physiotherapist, of returning to regular exercise after a break. And here I was thinking that not exercising was the problem.

They, whoever they are, say that such things happen in threes. Which should mean that my physical travails are now at an end. To celebrate, here’s an exquisite piece of music by one of my heroes, Australian pianist/composer Mike Nock. This track, After Satie, is from his latest CD. More information at Mike Nock’s website.


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