Prelude to a fugue

by | Mar 29, 2009 | Blog, Improve your writing | 0 comments

I’m getting excited about being back in Brooklyn, concentrating on working towards another book. At the moment the book is about women and music, with the piano as its recurring motif. Having been honoured with a New Work grant for this project from the Literature Board of the Australia Council late last year, I’ve been planning a getaway for some dedicated writing time, for some time. I can’t seem to muster the necessary focus in Sydney, although I’ve completed a fair amount of research and have lots of thoughts about possible structure. But an idea is only as good as its implementation, so my main concern is with developing a strong storyline. I’ll be attending a fiction workshop at The Writer’s Studio during the Spring term in the hope that weekly classes will help me with the craft of storytelling, with discipline in a life suddenly free of its usual commitments, and with the professional networking that’s part and parcel of the contemporary world of writing.

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