The “Thank You” Project

by | May 2, 2008 | Blog, Young Widow's Book of Home Improvement | 0 comments

From Monday for three weeks my longtime pal Jen Fleming (co-author of Spotless, the biggest-selling Australian nonfiction book of recent years) and I can be heard exchanging thanks on mix106.5fm’s Thank You Project. The idea of the Project is to gather as many people as possible who wish to thank someone in their lives for something. Sounds vague, but each individual’s on-air vote of thanks is specific to the person they are thanking – in my case, I thank Jen for taking me on a short holiday up to the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney to get away from the house a few months after my husband John passed away. I was invited to be part of the “gallery” of on-air thanks-givers due to an interview I’d done recently with Marnie T, who presents the 106.5 “Body and Soul” program on Sunday mornings.

Looking at the Project website, I see that the on-air thank yous are divided into “celebrities” and “real people”. I know which category I’m likely to end up in, but I feel a little sorry for those others who apparently aren’t “real people”, but who behave like “real people” nevertheless.

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