David Kowalski wins 2007 Golden Aurealis Award

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I’m thrilled to report that David Kowalski has won the Golden Aurealis Award for best Australian speculative fiction work of 2007 for his novel The Company of the Dead. He won the category award for best science fiction novel, then went on to win the overall award. The ABC website carries a story about David’s win here.

In a review of the shortlisted works, David’s was described as:

“a very original take on temporal dislocation, which had an absorbing narrative and a great range of characters.” 

Having known David since he began writing the novel, I am so proud of his commitment to the book over the long years of its writing and editing. Maybe those heavy US publishing-industry doors will edge open a little further on the back of these awards, a resounding validation for a thrilling alternate history story that is unlike anything else I have ever read in my life.

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