A trip around my neighbourhood

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Just after seven o’clock this morning, I met my friend and neighbour DvG (whose art was the subject of a recent post) for a photography tour of our immedicate vicinity. The purpose of this tour was to take some photographs of me in my Brooklyn ‘hood, in the hope that one or more of them might prove suitable for the Young Widow’s Book and accompanying website. The early hour was chosen in order to avoid the paparazzi and crowds.

First stop was the corner shop at the bottom of our common street. It is one of three within two short blocks, but distinguished by its distinctive odour of cat piss. The only things I have ever bought from there are liquids in a sealed container – milk, orange juice, diet tonic. Sometimes just tonic. Other photogenic scenes were found outside the subway station, in Prospect Park, at Cheryl’s cafe, and in the foyer of my apartment building. DvG had brought three cameras to do the job; hopefully there will be at least one decent photo out of all those happy snaps.

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