This apple just keeps getting bigger

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OK, I suspect some of you have too much time on your hands. Otherwise how to explain the 538 unique visitors to this website in the month of May alone? That’s just under 50 of you every day. Monday is the most popular day to visit (I see that coffee on the desk beside you). It’s also a thrill to see so many returning readers – 93% of visitors have either bookmarked this site as a favourite or have typed in the address directly, which means that very few people land here without intending to do so.

For a site designed as an online journal to record my observations of living in New York for the benefit of friends and family, it has exceeded my expectations in terms of sustaining my own interest, let alone yours. Writing this blog has been an education in being concise and in identifying noteworthy topics to write home about. Thank you for your return visits. I am very grateful for your continued interest in the adventures of Apple Girl.

(If you suspect that my own keyboard tinkerings skew the total, you might be surprised to learn that no matter how often I visit my own site to update its contents, the statistics only count the same computer once in a 24-hour period.)

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