The play’s the thing

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What a thrill to see a first read-through of a draft play by my pal Suzanne Renaud, whom I met at the playwrights’ course last year. Richard Caliban, our teacher from last year’s course, is now conducting more intensive workshops which culminate after 10 weeks in a reading by professional actors. Suzanne invited some of her friends along to watch, which I thought was very brave. The taking-off-all-your-clothes-in-public sort of brave.

“The Green Box” is a very strong first draft of a one-act play. The actors had lots of fun and there were plenty of laughs. The attendees discussed the play afterwards, making suggestions that Suzanne scribbled furiously in her notepad. Wherever there’s creative effort there will be critics close to hand, I thought. At least in this environment they are constructive ones.

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