Busy writing, just not on my blog

by | Apr 1, 2007 | Blog, Improve your writing | 0 comments

Gentle Reader, many apologies for the lack of recent posts. My excuse, however, is solid: I have just completed a rough draft of THE BOOK and am up to my nose in revisions. My tendency towards concision, as exhibited in this blog, has played itself out on a broader scale: what I mean to say is that the book is on the short side. I am told by people who know such things that it is not something to worry about at present. My task is to build incrementally upon the existing framework.

While the architectural metaphor suits the subject matter of my book, I have been thinking of this revision phase more like embroidery, as on re-reading I’ve discovered some stretches of plain fabric that need some detailed work. Given that I can barely sew a button to a shirt, this could prove the most challenging part yet.

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