Thin ice

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I snapped this photo en route to tennis this week. I realised that I could use an escape ladder right about now, myself. According to a local who knows these things, I’m experiencing “The Febs” – the depressive symptoms associated with the tail end of winter.

That said, we enjoyed a relatively balmy day today, reaching a maximum temperature of almost 7 degrees Celcius. It was the first day above freezing in weeks, and I felt it.

I have been in self-induced hibernation trying to finish a draft of my book. It’s hard work and quite difficult emotionally as well, going in detail over ground that has been tilled enough for one lifetime. But the book is coming together and I want to have a draft to tinker with by the time the weather warms up for real.

So I’ve decided tonight to treat myself to real US-style indulgence – eating pizza and watching TV. And not just any TV, mind you – the new series of American Idol. I have to admit, like all bad habits, it’s addictive.

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