Publisher direct submissions package

1. STEP ONE: Edited book proposal
This package assumes you have a draft book proposal and one sample chapter ready for review and editing. 
  • I read and edit your existing book proposal of up to 50 double-spaced pages (inclusive of completed sample chapter/s), providing my annotated comments and editorial suggestions in markup and/or comments in either Word or Google Doc format (first draft).
  •  You review and respond to my feedback and send me a revised proposal.
  • I read and edit your revised proposal (second draft), providing clear direction for further development if necessary.
2. STEP TWO: Publisher research
  • In the meantime I undertake research into publishing houses that accept submissions directly from prospective authors. To avoid duplication, I need you to provide the names of any publishing houses you might have already approached before I begin my research. 
  • You will receive a detailed list of the most appropriate agents for your project set out in a spreadsheet that includes contact details, precedent sales, and specific submissions guidelines. 
  • I will provide a minimum of 15 publishers but potentially many more.

We have a 50-minute Zoom meeting to clarify outstanding questions on your book proposal and discuss your submissions strategy and any other questions you have about the publishing process. In my experience this meeting is best held between drafts of your proposal and after I’ve shared publisher research with you.

4. STEP FOUR: Edited query letter
I prefer to work on the query letter last because by then I am very familiar with your project, any relevant missing information has made its way into the proposal, and I have everything I need to review your draft query or write one myself. The process for this part is:

  • Based on your proposal and other existing information or drafts you may have, I will write or edit a query letter (the first draft).
  • You review and provide missing information and annotated feedback in response. 
  • I then revise and send you a second draft.

Finalizing the second draft of the query letter usually represents the end of our work together. 

The outcome of our work together will be that you have: 
  • Confidence in the quality of your query letter
  • A publisher-ready book proposal or (in the case of a proposal that needs more than two rounds of edits) a clear plan of action towards its completion
  • A detailed spreadsheet of the most relevant prospective publishers for your work
  • A publishing professional available for your questions as you go through the process of submitting your proposal (see Note 3). 

Ideally as a result of this process you will receive at least one or more requests to see your full proposal or manuscript. While there is no guarantee of getting an agent or a book deal through this process, you can be certain that your submissions materials will be better than 95% of the submissions agents receive.


  1. This package is designed for editing and developing existing book proposals.
  2. This package does not include submitting proposals on behalf of the purchaser.
  3. For the purpose of clarity, my ongoing availability to you—by email or Voxer voice-messaging—is for a period of six (6) months from the date of our Zoom meeting.
  4. There is no guarantee that our work together will result in your getting a book publishing contract.
  5. There are no refunds.
This package includes

  • 1 x agent query letter (two drafts)
  • 1 x book proposal (two drafts)
  • 1 x 50 min Zoom meeting
  • 1 x publisher research (identifying a minimum of 15 publishers)
  • 1 x publisher research spreadsheet with contact details and submissions guidelines
  • Six months of email or Voxer support for questions relating to your submissions to publishers

3 payments of $600 (every 2 weeks)
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