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Agent Submission Package

Complete Literary Agent Submission Package


    • Two rounds of editing/review of your query letter
    • Two rounds of editing/review of your synopsis (or chapter outline in the case of nonfiction/memoir)
    • My reading and detailed editorial response to your first three chapters (max. 30 double-spaced pages), annotated directly on your document in your preference of Word markup or Google comments/editing tool
    • One 30-minute Zoom call to discuss outstanding questions on any aspect of your materials or next steps. (Zoom may be scheduled any time after the first round of query/synopsis review.)
    • Additional review of your first three chapters
    • Literary agent research and a detailed report on the 25 most appropriate agents for your book project

This represents an approximately 10% discount on buying the elements of the package separately.


“Awesome feedback. Your suggestions really hit the mark on some of the challenges I have writing this story. Loved your feedback on the narrator, and you’re spot on about the voice…”

– Writer | Fiction

Joe Novella

“…She was a great editor and confidante as I worked through early drafts of Becoming Westerly. She knew how to both push and encourage….”

– Author, Becoming Westerly (Allen & Unwin 2015) | Non-Fiction

Jamie Brisick

“Virginia’s frank but gentle guidance was crucial in helping me to finish a manuscript that I could submit to publishers with confidence.”

– Author, Surrogate (Wakefield Press 2017) | Fiction

Tracy Crisp

“Virginia is an expert editorial ‘curator’ and a godsend for a first-time author.”

– Author, Love in the Age of Drought, The Mothers’ Group, Wife on the Run, Fearless | Fiction / Non-Fiction

Fiona Higgins

“… I find Virginia not only correctly identifies issues but also offers clear, concrete ideas on how to resolve them. That’s rare and valuable.”

– Author, Conviction (Allen & Unwin), (forthcoming in 2022)| Fiction

Frank Chalmers

“I am so grateful for Virginia’s knowledge and her mentoring around my whole writing project. She is just lovely to work with!”

–  Clinical Psychologist, Author, The Woman Who Lost the Sun (Ocean Reeve Publishing 2020) | Non-Fiction

Dr Carrie Hayward

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